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front end forward lamp light wiring harness 72 Chevy Corvette 1972

front end forward lamp light wiring harness 72 Chevy Corvette 1972



Exact reproduction wiring harness made to factory specifications using the factory blueprints.   Our wiring harnesses are correct in every detail.  Wiring harnesses connect to different electrical components in various locations throughout the vehicle.   Often cars have wiring harnesses that have been "hacked" up and are missing correct connectors to plug into factory components, have corrosion or deterioration damage.  These are manufactrued to the original blueprint NOS specifications.  Our harnesses are identical to the way they would have appeared on the vehicle when shipped from the assembly plant  They will look, fit and perform exactly as original.   

In order to satisfy the most discriminating enthusiast/restorer, we offer these authentic reproduction wiring harnesses. These harnesses will provide the finishing touch for any original or restored vehicle. They are built using original GM blue prints, cut to the exact lengths to provide a tailored look, and contain the correct type and color wire as well as the correct terminals.  For those of you concerned about having your car judged, our reproduction wiring harnesses will pass all judging standards.  These harnesses are ready to use just "plug in and go".  These harnesses are for owners who want a properly restored concourse quality vehicle, for owners to want to update old existing wiring, or for those who want to add factory installed options.  They will look, fit and perform exactly as original.


This is a new Chevy Corvette V8 forward lamp front end wiring harness.  This fits 1972 Chevy Corvette. 

Requires use of FRONT PARKING/TURN SIGNAL LIGHT EXTENSION HARNESS to complete wiring to front turn signal lights.  This harness is available in another of our listing.

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