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Breakerless SE Ignition system Chevy CHEVELLE camaro NOVA corvette 64-72 69 70

Breakerless SE Ignition system Chevy CHEVELLE camaro NOVA corvette 64-72 69 70

The BREAKERLESS-SE single wire ignition kit is designed to convert all 1957-74 GM V8 engines equipped with window-style distributor cap, screw-on type rotor, stock coil, and single or dual points, to solid-state electronic ignition. These maintenance-free modules will insure your car maintains its maximum performance. By utilizing a fully integrated trigger and power module, the entire kit fits completely under your distributor cap.

How is this module different from others?
Although we did not develop the first electronic ignition conversion, we have developed what we feel is the best. Ours offers the only electronic ignition conversion kit that has no additional wires protruding from the distributor, only the original point's wire. The result is a reliable, state-of-the-art ignition with an absolutely stock appearance. (See below for more details and features.)

Legal for use on emission controlled vehicles. Includes mounting hardware, screwdriver, step-by-step instructions.

Made in U.S.A.

The choice is obvious.

Electronic Ignition
Original "Point-Type"
Ignition System
Electronic ignition module won't burn out under normal use. Points burn out from normal use and need to be replaced many times over the life of the car.
Module won't burn out if ignition switch is left in the run position (with ignition turned off). Points burn out if ignition switch is left in run position.
Electronic ignition develops up to 30,000 volts at the spark plug when a car is running at 10 mph.  This voltage remains at up to 30,000 volts when the car reaches 100 mph.  In addition, many electronic ignition systems maintain this voltage at speeds of 8,000 RPM.  (The Breakerless-SE is rated to fire at well over 10,000 RPM). Conventional system develop only 24,000 volts when a car is running at 10 mph.  But this voltage drops to 17,000 volts when the car reaches 100 mph.  A detrimental 40% drop in voltage to fire the air/fuel mixture under high load conditions.
Electronic ignition systems can operate as high as 8 amps which further enhances the performance of the overall ignition system. Conventional point's deterioration problems limit the primary current to the coil to about 4.5 amps.
Maintenance-free (with higher ignition voltage, more accurate timing, longer plug life, increased fuel economy, faster starts, and improved performance) Constant adjustments (gapping) necessary to insure peak performance.
Incorporates "Active Dwell" technology.

   Note: "Dwell" is measured in degrees and is
   the amount of 'time' the points stay closed.
   When the points are closed, the coil is
   building up charge (inductive). When the
   points open the coil releases it's charge.
   Electronic ignitions also have dwell - it's just
   controlled by the electronics in the module
   (not adjustable by the owner or mechanic as
   it is with points.) The Breakerless-SE
 incorporates "Active Dwell" technology to
   maintain high RPM spark energy; delivering
   up to 30,000 volts with the stock Delco
   ignition coil, while reducing coil heating at
   idle. Active dwell control is a very clever
   [electronic] way to further increase the output
   of the coil. With active dwell control the
   system is constantly monitoring the coil
   output and actively varying the dwell for
   maximum coil saturation. This does wonders
   for actual spark output. Another way to
   describe this would be 'constant on time
Points need adjusting to compensate for dwell ("dwell" is how long your points stay closed, or "dwell" together, as the distributor shaft rotates).
No maintenance necessary for the distributor cam. Distributor cam requires periodic lubrication so cam wheel lobes can slide past the points.  In addition the cam lobes will wear, eventually causing performance problems.
Very reliable solid-state circuitry. Not reliable (for all of the above reasons).
Condenser is no longer necessary, and is removed. Condenser can degrade and/or fail, needing replacement.

The choice is obvious.

Electronic Ignition Kit
The "Other Guys"
Electronic Ignition
Single-wire operation - This is the ONLY single-wire module available on the market. Which means to function, only the existing black wire leading from the distributor to the ignition coil is required.  This not only simplifies installation, but preserves the stock appearance of the factory wiring.

There is no chance of mis-wiring your distributor and no need to cut into your existing harness.

The "other guys" conversion kits require 2 or 3 wires to operate.  These additional wire(s) protrude from distributor resulting in a non-original appearance (this more complex wiring method can also lead to a mis-wired and/or blown module).

Ask the "other guys" if their electronic ignition is a one-wire system.  They'll probably dance around the question but in the end, they'll have to say "NO" since we own the patent on it!

Auto shut-off feature protects the coil & ignition, and prevents a dead battery should the key be accidentally left in the ON position. Battery will drain and coil will be damaged if ignition switch is accidentally left on.
Utilizes a Hall Effect rotary-vane sensor (Hall Effect technology is not effected by oil, dirt, contaminants, solvents, heat or vibration - its design also compensates for worn bearings and distributor end play. Uses an "optical" sensor to trigger the spark (optical sensors can fail if oil, dirt or other contaminants are present).
Over-voltage / Over-current protected - This module is protected against damage from high amp battery chargers, reversed battery or improper wiring - operates down to 6 volts for cold weather starting). Their module will be instantly ruined (blown) from high amp battery chargers, reversed battery connection or improper wiring - a very costly mistake.
Active Dwell Technology - This system incorporates an active dwell control that maintains high RPM spark energy - delivering up to 30,000 volts with the stock Delco ignition coil, while reducing coil heating at idle. ???
Works with any type of spark plug wire. Some spark plug wires will work. Some
Reversed Battery Protection - Insures the module will not burn-out if you accidentally reversed the polarity on your battery. Some have this feature. Some do not.
Moisture and Vibration Protection Some are, some are not.
The entire system fits under the distributor cap. You do NOT have to cut into, or modify, your stock wiring harness in any way. Uses a box that is external to the distributor. You will have to cut into, and modify your existing harness.
Performance not effected by distributor end-play (up & down movement). Performance very susceptible to distributor end-play.
High-Temp. thermoplastic housing provides exceptional resistance against heat, moisture and vibration. ???
We recommend the use of all your original / stock factory components: distributor, cap, wiring and coil (can be installed with distributor left in the car). They recommend using their after-market coil for optimal performance.
Works with either vacuum advance or mechanical advance distributors. ???


                   AS SEEN ON...                     
Our BREAKERLESS-SE has been seen in the National Corvette Restorer's Society (N.C.R.S.) magazine, Hemmings Motor News, Corvette Fever Magazine, Vette Magazine, Auto Trader & Old Car Trader publications and "Horsepower" TV.  It is also being used in countless show cars and daily driver cars throughout the country with an impeccable performance record.


Which vehicles can use theBREAKERLESS-SE? The Breakerless-SE is designed to be used with all 1957 to 1974 GM V8 breaker point type distributors having the following criteria:
1. Windowed-style distributor cap
2. Screw-on type rotor
(not the push-on type rotor)
3. Stock coil
    (or coil with stock specs. see below)

If your car has all 3 of the above criteria,
the Breakerless-SE will work for you!

NOTE: The Breakerless-SE is designed to be used with a stock/original type distributor & coil.  It will not fit or work with aftermarket distributors (i.e. Accel, Mallory, MSD, etc.) and will not work with any MSD Blaster coils. See below for more info.

What does the BREAKERLESS-SEElectronic Ignition Conversion Kit include? Our Breakerless-SE single wire ignition conversion kit comes with everything you need to complete your installation.  Kit includes: (1) module, (1) two piece vane assembly, all necessary mounting hardware, screwdriver, complete step-by-step installation instructions. Easily installs in 15 minutes! You do not need to remove your distributor!

What are the benefits of installing aBREAKERLESS-SE in my vehicle?



The benefits you'll realize by installing theBreakerless-SE include:
- higher ignition voltage
- more accurate timing
- longer spark plug life
- increased fuel economy
- faster starts
- improved performance
- The most obvious, and important benefit however, is not having to change or adjust your points and condenser ever again!
What do you mean by "single wire operation"? The Breakerless-SE requires only one wire to operate, the original points wire. This not only simplifies installation, but preserves the stock appearance of the original factory wiring and distributor. Similar ignition conversion systems on the market use two or three wires to operate, making installation difficult, and creating a "non-stock" appearance in your engine compartment.
Do I need to remove my distributor to install this kit?  No.  Unlike many other conversion kits, theBreakerless-SE may be installed with the distributor in the car.
Will it work with my Tachometer? The Breakerless-SE is compatible with factory and aftermarket tachs. A tach filter should not be required. However, if one was originally installed in the vehicle it should be left in place. Some low cost, imported and reproduction tachs do a poor job of triggering from the coil's (-) signal and may require additional filtering to prevent erratic or inaccurate readings. The tachometer manufacturer should be contacted to resolve these types of problems.

NOTE: Do NOT connect any devices to the positive (+) side of the coil, such as solenoids, alarm systems, electric chokes, stereos, etc.  They may draw too much power and will interfere with the operation of the Breakerless-SE.

Will it work with a mechanical advance distributor? It doesn't matter what type of advance your distributor may have.  The Breakerless-SEwill work with either a vacuum advance or mechanical advance distributor.
How rugged or durable is theBREAKERLESS-SE? The exterior of the Breakerless-SE is molded from PPS, making it impervious to heat and solvent (up to 5000 F). The electronics inside are potted/sealed with thermally conductive epoxy protecting them from vibration and moisture. We are so confident in theconstruction quality of the Breakerless-SEthat we offer a 3 year warranty.
What are some of the important safety features of theBREAKERLESS-SE? 1. It's polarity protected against accidental reverse battery installation.
2. It will withstand battery jump starts and will operate down to 6 volts to insure cold weather starting.
3. It's designed to shut off 1 second after the engine stops. This feature protects the coil and ignition should the key be accidentally left in the ON position.
You state that the
BREAKERLESS-SE  requires a
"window-style" distributor cap.
What does this cap look like and
why is it required?

A window-style distributor cap is not required, per se, but this type of cap does signify the specific type of distributor needed for the Breakerless-SE to fit & function properly. (These distributors have the correct housing to allow proper vane assembly rotation, proper breaker mounting plate, and screw-on rotor.)

So rather than asking people what type of distributor they have (which many people don't know), it is easier to ask if they have a window-style distributor cap.

be used in aftermarket- type
The Breakerless-SE is designed to be used with 1957 to 1974 GM, AMC or Jeep V8 breaker point type distributors (with windowed-style distributor caps).   It will notwork with aftermarket distributors (ie. Accel, Mallory, MSD, etc.)
What type of coil can be used with the BREAKERLESS-SE? The Breakerless-SE was designed for original or restored-to-original vehicles.  Consequently, the Breakerless-SE is compatible with all original/stock GM Delco Remy coils. These original-type coils are high-inductance and have a primary resistance of 1.2 to 2.1 ohms when coil is at room temperature.

Most aftermarket or "hi-performance" coils are compatible as well, as long as their *primary* resistance is within the range of 1.2 to 2.1 ohms when coil is at room temperature.

How can you tell what the primary resistance of your coil is?  You might be able to get this information from the coil's box, or you can contact the manufacturer, or use a quality ohmmeter to check the coil.  To use an ohmmeter, first zero-out your meter.  Then put your meter across the + and - threaded posts of the coil.

Be sure to follow the coil manufacturers installation instructions carefully, or contact them whenever installing a non-stock coil.Before you buy a new coil, you will want to contact the manufacturer for compatibility issues.

NOTE: The Breakerless-SE is designed
to be used with a stock/original type
distributor & coil.  It will not fit or work
with aftermarket distributors (i.e. Accel,
Mallory, MSD, etc.) and will not work with
any MSD Blaster coils.

DO NOT use the Breakerless-SE with any "MSD Blaster" coils or coils with low primary resistance. The primary resistance on these coils is too low (about 0.5 ohm) and will ruin the Breakerless-SE module and void your warranty!!!

What types of performance coils can be used with theBREAKERLESS-SE?

Any high-inductance coil with a primary resistance of 1.2 to 2.1 ohms at room temperature. Most "stock" or original replacement coils are of this type. (see above)

Can I use an aftermarket CD ignition box with theBREAKERLESS-SE? The Breakerless-SE will not work for triggering aftermarket CD ignition boxes such as the MSD 6AL, Crane HI-6, etc. Connection to the ignition coil is required for proper operation.
Do I need to remove the ballast resistor or resistance wire from my vehicle when installing theBREAKERLESS-SE?

Because the Breakerless-SE was designed for original or restored-to-original vehicles, you MUST use a ballast resistor (if your vehicle was originally equipped with one), or resistance wire (if your vehicle originally has this wire built into your dash harness or engine harness).

Do NOT remove your ballast resistor, or remove the resistance wire.  This will eventually damage the Breakerless-SEmodule and void your warranty.

Can I use a rev. limiter?



Most popular aftermarket RPM limiters will work with the Breakerless-SE. However, it is advisable to check with the limiter's manufacturer, since third party products cannot be guaranteed by us.
Will I need to change my spark plugs to a different heat range? The factory recommended spark plugs should be used.
Will I need to change my spark plug wires? You can use your original-type spark plug wires or hi-performance wires, which ever you choose.
Will I need to change the gap of my spark plugs? Plug gaps should be set to factory specifications. Increasing the plug gap will provide negligible performance gains, but will increase the demand on the ignition coil.
What is the maximum operating RPM? Maximum operating RPM is in the range of 7,000 to 8,000 RPM with the stock coil. Condition of the coil, as well as secondary ignition components (i.e. spark plugs, cap, rotor, wires) and the battery voltage will ultimately determine the maximum RPM. The Breakerless-SE is capable of firing at well over 10,000 RPM.
Should I remove the condenser in the distributor when installing theBREAKERLESS-SE ? Yes.  It is no longer needed.
My ignition coil has a condenser attached to it.  Should I leave it installed? Yes. This is a noise filter for the radio and should remain connected to the coil's positive (+) terminal.
Will the BREAKERLESS-SE work on positive ground vehicles? No. The reverse polarity protection circuitry, built into the Breakerless-SE, will not permit it to run.
What are the most common problems I might encounter after installing the BREAKERLESS-SE ? A bad or marginal ground connection to the distributor's breaker plate is by far the most common problem, followed by poor engine grounds, bad coils, using a hi-
performance coil, or bad/wrong ballast

The Breakerless-SE is legal for use on emission controlled vehicles
in all 50 states per CARB EO D-275-1

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